Brown School, Kilbourne Ohio, Grade 7A, 1961-1962

Brown School, Kilbourne Ohio, Grade 7A, 1961-1962

First Row: Larry Haviland, Larry Peacher, Judy Blain, Cathy McKenzie, Candy Hickson, Sandra Bogan, Carl Hines, Charles Shaffer, Mac Piatt, Tom Beckel, Dick Thomas.
Second Row: Mrs. Baker, Larry Wigton, Stephen Sheets, Patty Zent, Beverly Schollmann, Frank Frizzell, Karen Huffer,, Dan Helton, Fred Lowery, Linda Ruggles, Shirley Hines, Noreena Crump, Nancy Armstrong, Janet Smith.
Third Row: Debbie Strawser, Mary Jane Smith, Mary Christine Smith, Linda Breckenridge, Nikki Nutt, Diana Schimmoeller, Bernard "Spike" Piper, Gibby Adams, Nancy Colflesh, Jane Cole, Gary Graham, Larry Main, Steve Swisher, Tom Smith.
Absent: Faye Helton.

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