Brown School, Kilbourne Ohio, Grade 8B

Brown School, Kilbourne Ohio, Grade 8B

First Row: Richard Clark, Craig Haubeil, Allen Bryant, Clarence Jacobs, Frances Johnson, Rita Warren, Lena Randall, Rebecca Silveous, Jacqueline Clawson.
Second Row: Mr. Charles J. Dildine, William, Nickelson, Michael Acker, Bonnie Bash, Terri Breece, Sheryl Cramer, Gary Kegley, Judy Beacom, Linda Wallen, Dixie Brush, Floyd Lawhon, Jeannette Fisher, Larry Luikart.
Third Row: Gary Cole, Mary Cochran, Frances Hickman, Kenneth Fulton, John Dennis, Janet McGrew, Joe Nickelson, William Porter, Sarah Cleland, Patricia Raines, Harold Aleshire, Larry Weiser.
Absent: Glenna Meadows, Karen Miles, Gerald Bierce.

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