Longfellow Elementary School, Toledo, Ohio:1930-1931 Junior High Teachers

Longfellow Elementary School, Toledo, Ohio:1930-1931 Junior High Teachers

Huldah Ritzman, Margaret Malone, Gwendolyn Day Velna Immel, Constance Lee, Lura Bell, Helen Rahm, Lillian Chamberlin, Ruth Crook, Maxine Long, Marian Post.


Gwen Day was a friend of my mother. Gwen gave my mother a cut glass bowl and when my daughter was married she received the bowl.

Longfellow School

This information was from a book, the thirties, everyone was so young looking. I went to this school many years later, but received this book as a gift.

longfellow school toledo OH

I attended Longfellow in the 1950's. I had a Mrs. Day for 2nd grade and Gladys Holmes for 7th grade arithmetic class. Mrs Bethune was our 5th/6th grade music teacher. Many of the names in the photo sound familiar--probably parents of kids I went to school with. What is your connection with Longfellow School?


My mother had Gwen Day in the mid 40's I went to longfellow for nine years from 1969-1978 k-eighth My teachers were k-mrs Cowell 1st Mrs. Jones 2nd Mrs Phfeifer 3rd Mr. Overmeyer 4th Mrs. Goode 5th Mrs Nemeth 6th Mrs. Laird 7th Mrs. Zaye 8th Mrs allen. I know Mrs. Jones has passed and I think Mrs. allen but I don't know about the rest. Does anyone else? Iv'e had many nieces and nephews attend longfellow. My nephew Nick is in the first grade there right now. I was in the seventh grade when Mr. Skaff was killed in a traggic car accident. What a great man and principal he was. Only 51 years old. I was at Longfellows 50th anniversary in 1975 singing T. I. G. E. R. S. Longfellow tigers they are the best. in the 5th grade chorus led by the wonderful Mrs. Koester the schools music teacher. I could go on and on. Happy Days are here again.

Longfellow School

Is there any possibility you could find out what other years Wallace Terhell taught there besides 1930-1931? I am doing genealogical research of the Terhell family. He married Jane E, Wiles around 1930. Was she a teacher there? Thanks. Judith Fair

Wallace Terhell, Longfellow School

If you write me at the email posted I will try to find out for you. These pictures were in a book on Longfellow School given to me as a gift because I went there, probaby starting in 1947. A Mr Siddle was principal, I can walk through that school in my mind like it was yesterday.

Wallace Terhell and Longfellow School.

I am researching the Terhell family of which Wallace Terhell is a member. He was born in 1903 in MN and died 1978 in CA.
He married Jane Wiles who lived with her family in Toledo.
Perhaps Jane was a teacher also.
I think they married in Jan., 1930 but can't find all the facts. I have not found any children for the couple either.
According to Jane's death certificate she was a homemaker for 45 years- she died in 1975.
According to the death certificate she had been in CA for 22 years so 1953 would have been when they moved there.
Wallace was a teacher at Waite High School , Toledo Ohio in 1938 and 1940 and had a book published in 1941- "60 Experiments with Magnets".
Please see what information you can find for you. I thank you very much. Judith Fair.
Please contact me at judithafair@hotmail.com

Janice Clark/ Wallace and Jane Terhell

Does anyone have information on Janice Clark who was a senior at Libbey High School in 1943?
I believe her mother was Jane Wiles who must have married a Clark. Janice was born April 6, 1926.
I would like to find out the marriage date and name of Janice's father.
Jane then married Wallace Terhell who was a teacher at Longfellow School.I am also searching for their marriage date which I think is around 1930.
Janice became Wallace's step-daughter sometime before Wallace's death in California in 1978.

Longfellow School

I went to Longfellow School, those names you mention sound like I had them for teachers. Was Mrs Bethune's name Zena? There is a complete web site devoted to Old Ohio Schools, Longfellow among them. And....my Mother's name was Cadaret so either you are a prank or a relative in some form. I don't know if you were there when Mr Siddle was principal, then a woman replaced him. The audotoriam, the dances, a man called Jim Nestle come to show nature films. This was the best school I ever knew in my life for memories. Are you related to Keith Cadaret?

Longfellow School

Just happened to stumble on this site again. Keith is my husband. Mrs. Bethune's first name was Bella as I remember.When I was in maybe the 1st grade there was a man who was principal who died of a heart attack at the school. I remember standing on the playground off of Berwick because the rescue squad was there and we were not allowed into the school. Mrs. Beshalske was the principal after that. I remember the Jim Nestle programs and his bird calls--it was 10 cents to attend!

Longfellow School

I was at Longfellow from about 1948 to 1955. I remember when Mr. Siddle, I think his first name was Judson, had a heart attack in his office and died. He would come around to classes and teach penmanship. I remember Mrs.Fletcher, Mrs Randall, Mr. Christian, Mrs. Kruse, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Hildebrand. Our sixth grade class went to our teacher's, Mrs. Laird's, wedding.

I can't remember the name of my little brother's second grade teacher but she thought he would never amount to anything because he made his "2's" backward. He went on to become a successful accountant.

I remember marionette puppet shows in the big auditorium. The set or stage was tiny and hard to see if you sat toward the back but we kids were absolutely fascinated. This was probably when television was just coming in and not many people had one.

They used to let us out on Friday afternoons for an hour or two to attend church school. Most of the kids chose the church farthest away from the school. I chose the nearer one so I could cross the big intersection of Sylvania, Jackman and Tremainsville (?) with the assistance of Leo the policeman who wore a dark blue double-breasted jacket and looked so impressive. That was the only time I could cross with him as we lived on the school side of Sylvania. Leo lived just up the block from us.

Mr Christian...

Kay Kuebeler: I had to come back and make a comment on Mr Christian. Do you remember him well? If you were a girl...you had a crush on him. He had this one saying, "Just because you are crazy, don't mean you are stupid". Isn't it nice to remember this stuff?

Mr. Christian

Oh yes, he was cute all right - and I remember a blonde girl named Karen who had a really big crush on him. His classroom was in the new addition. And right next door was a Mr. Guise? One of them kept their windows open even in the winter - it sure was cold sitting next to them.

Mr Guise versus Mr Christian

Mr Guise , who was my seventh grade teacher,was the Clark Kent and Mr Christian was the Superman of their day. How about the basement? The home ec teacher down there forcing the kids to eat peas. Also forcing us kids to sing in public, on good thing that lasted me through life was she taught how to sew without a pattern. Can I leave you with this, my memory, maybe not yours LONGFELLOW VEGETABLE SOUP RECEIPT: 1/4 lb bacon or hamburg, brown.
Add: 1/2 chopped onion
1 cup chopped carrots
1 stalk celery, chopped
1/4 cup rice, or 1/3 cup barley
2 cups diced potatoes
1 pint tomatoes...this is the large can
2 tsp salt, pepper to taste
3 quarts water
Cook until all vegetables are tender.
I saved this receipte for years, how many I don't know, but I must of got it in 1953 or so.

Oh yes, the Home Ec teacher!

Oh yes, the Home Ec teacher! She could be a rather stern woman. I remember choking down a number of not-so-tasty dishes because I was intimidated by her.

Longfellow School and DeVilbiss High School

I was just by Longfellow school last week. I wanted to make sure it was still there. Now the city of Toledo, is not the city of my heart, but rather a mashed down upscaled version of nothing. Russell Brown, the principal of DeVilbiss lived on my street. He had sons, Robin and Stewert. Years later, like lots of years a friend sent me a video with Robin telling about Toledo. You write so often, tell me who you are and where you live. There is a guy, he has a complete Ohio site on old schools of Ohio. Aaron Turner is his name. If you like I can send it to you. If not...then when you are walking down Sylvania Avenue or Jackman Road, or going to the Miracle Mile...think of the old TOledo.

Toledo Schools.

Can you please send me the contact information for Aaron Turner who has information on the Toledo Schhols?

Thanks, Judith Fair

Longfellow in the '60's

Wow, I just happened to come across this page. I went to Longfellow in the 60's. The principal when I first started was Mrs. Rohrbacher, then Mr. Skaff. Both his children went to Longfellow the same time I did, Diane & David. I remember the silver aluminum Christmas tree with the color wheel at the top of the stairs every December and the smell of fresh perked coffee sitting on a table just outside the auditorium doors when there were PTA meetings and conferences. When we had any gatherings in the auditorium, Mr. Skaff would always lead us in "The Happy Wanderer" song. ('valderi, valdera, valderi, valdera-ha-ha-ha')

Mrs. Cowell was still a Kindergarten teacher in the 60's and Mrs. Day was my 2nd grade teacher and a friend of my grandmother's through Eastern Star. I remember a lot of the other teachers too: Mr. Guise, Miss. Allen, Mrs. Bitters, Mrs. Laird, Mrs. Zaye, Mr. Fotheringham and others. I think the Home-Ec teacher's name was Mrs. Mildred Ford. She wore old fashion "sensible" shoes and her hair in a bun. I can't quite remember the art teacher's name, it was something like "Garfunkle".

The basement seemed like a creepy place for classrooms - poorly lit, damp with a painted cement hallway. The gym was in the basement too. I remember going to ballroom dance classes held in the auditorium in 5th or 6th grade, the puppet shows and the little custodial room you could get to at the bottom of the double stairway with the noisy vacuum eraser cleaner in it.

I also remember the police officer who crossed the children at Sylvania & Jackman. He seemed like a big man to me then with his bushy white moustache. Kids would vie to hold his white-gloved hands or the hem of his navy blue double-breasted coat with the shiny gold buttons as his blew his whistle for traffic to stop.

The more I think about it, the more little details I remember.... The dentist office a block down with the chain rope-like fence that kids would sit & swing on, Mrs. Hogle, the Miracle Mile, the lumber yard, the drug store with a soda fountain, the bowling alley, the parking lot of the big church at Sylvania & Jackman where the "bloodsucking" earthworms would roll around after it rained. They came out by the hundreds, you had to tip-toe or else step on them. Does anybody else remember these things? Or am I too nostalgic?

The Home Ec teacher was Mildred Ward

I just had to add to your info!! I must have been at Longfellow around the same time you were. I "graduated" from 8th grade in 1967. I have a younger sister who also attended Longfellow, and she may be closer to your age.

Just had to add the info about Mrs. Ward. I didn't really enjoy Home Ec that much. A representative from the Gas Company came to demonstrate a recipe using the stoves in the kitchens. We all made (and ate) a recipe that featured hominy grits. I vomited that night at around bedtime. I shouldn't say that the home ec. recipe was responsible.

I remember a lot of the things you describe, including the dentists office. I actually walked the other way, because we didn't have to cross Sylvania Avenue. But somehow, sometimes I saw those professional buildings near the school.

I loved reading through this page, and was amazed to see that some of the teachers I had were at Longfellow in 1930! How amazing! And wonderful!

Mrs. Ward

Hi Martha! just for the record--it was Mabel Ward-- I, too, remember a Gas Co. lesson that involved "baked eggs" (runny and disgusting) and Pillsbury biscuits out of the exploding cans that we made a dent in (the dough--not the cans) and filled with jelly then baked. We also made hideous "shifts" which we modeled for Mother's Club. Were you there when Ted Vassar was the art teacher and Ron Clark taught 8th grade "new" math--without textbooks because they were back-ordered--? also remember "changing" for Gym in Mrs. Wilhelm's classroom. Which meant we took off our skirts to reveal our navy blue shorts--and of course, we had all remembered to wear our white gym blouses! I walked the back way, too. K-8 in one building--those were the days!

Oh RIGHT Mabel, not Mildred!

Well, it's the end of 2010 now, and I am just catching up here! Thanks!

Longfellow in the 60's

PS- Ray Grumbacher..... Yeah right; but he really meant well.


I am looking for some information on my grandmother. Would any who know of any information about that area around 1930 have known somebody by the name of Elizabeth Hunter?
Any information would be helpful.

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