My Dad and myself, proud as punch in that cool Lincoln, 1949


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That new Lincoln

Folks always thought we were rich because my dad got a new car every year. That however was not the case. Dad was on the road as a sales representative for a big company and put more than 100,000 miles on a car every year! By then it was pretty well shot, he used to buy Fords and Mercurys but one fateful winter day he was on a trip and a farmer with a hay wagon failed to stop at the highway he was on and dad hit him broadside and by the grace of God he survived without a scratch. His next car was this Lincoln Cosmopolitan and he wanted a more road worthy automobile and he got it much against my mother's wishes. Boy was she mad when he brought that car home but I loved it and still do after all these years. So much so I am going to post the picture of the car I now own. I am just as proud of that one as I was of Dad's. He inspired me. Father like son they always say.

Posted by hermit on 1 September 2008 - 1:15pm