Ira and Nora Conaway Jamison

Ira and Nora Conaway Jamison

Ira and Nora Conaway Jamison - 1966, Scio, Ohio.

Photo taken August, 1966, on the back porch of their home at the corner of Elm and Main Streets in Scio, Ohio. They are both buried in New Rumley, Ohio.


these are my great/great aunt an uncles on my mothers side of clarence an martha jamison

Nora & Ira Jamison

They lived next door to my GM Eula Virtue. They were WONDERFUL people ! Nora had a black-white cat named Bootsie that she loved. Their front porch swing was covered with an old quilt and she had blue morning glories growing up the side to shade the swing, I spent many hours there when I was little. The house burned down in the 90's ( I think ) but the lilacs at the side continued to grow for years. She had red peonies on the other side of the house. I wonder if they are still there in the spring ? Would you like me to send you the photo.

Debbie LaFromboise

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