Unknown Couple from Mahan Bible

Unknown Couple from Mahan Bible

Unknown couple - probably Mahan or Bell family members.

Photo from back pages of Mary Catherine Mahan Bell's bible. The Bells were from Steubenville, OH.

Submitted by Donald Kemp, son of Floyd and Helen Mangus Kemp and grandson of James and Mary Catherine Bell


From the style of clothing, about 1865-68.


We these individuals friends of the family?

I was wondering if the surname "Mahan" has a connection to the town of Mahan in Fayette County, West Virginia, along the New River Gorge area?

Do you know if these individuals were friends of Mary Cathrine Mahan Bell?

A prior commentator, suggested the 1860's, but wouldn't that dress or suit style be applicable even until the 1880's?

The gentleman, has simular features to a Great Grandfather, a younger time of between 1871-1888. As the only known photo's are in the 1930s.

Mary Catherine Mahan Bell

Mary Catherine Mahan Bell is my husband's grandmother. We inherited the bible that these pictures were in from her.

Mary Catherine Mahan Bell

I misspoke, She was my husband's GGrandmother. Her daughter Minnie Forrest Bell was his grandmother.

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