Unknown Woman

Unknown Woman

Unknown woman.
Photo company was Chaerrington ( 7 pub, Sq) Marysville, OH

Maraffey Haines family photos

Bernice Mahaffey was my Grandmother. Her sister Sylvia Mahaffey, 17 yrs older, wrote a book about the Mahaffey line. She got most of her facts right. I have not posted much of her work yet because much of the data is availible from other sources. Jane Winget Baldwin is of sound mind and living in Fairfield, Ohio. She is the oldest of the Guy Reed Baldwin family who visited Aunt Mag and Uncle Fess in the summers. George Edwards, brother of Uncle Fess, and Ella Mahaffey raised Bernice after Maree Mahaffey Winemuller(Unknown in this photo) daughter of James T Mahaffey, died. As a child I visited Cora Knight with Grandma. Her beautiful garden has remained an inspiration to me. What a gracious lady she was. I have just started to look at your photos. Thanks for your posting. Jane Usry


According to "Ohio Photographers: 1839-1900" by Diane VanSkiver Gagel, Cherrington worked in Marysville 1881-86. From her bustle, this can't be earlier than 1883.


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