John R. Goempel

John R. Goempel

John R. Goempel, husband to Arlena Hughes, daughter of John E. and Margaret Hughes, granddaughter of Joseph and Margaret Hughes. East Liverpool Ohio.

John Goempel

This is a picture of my FATHER. he did NOT marry my GRANDMOTHER! My grandfather was Jacob Goempel, I should know since my SON is named after him!!! Im fairly sure my FATHER is married to my MOTHER!!! I will ask him when I see him in a few hours!!!

Jacob Goempel

Your Grandfather Jacob Goempel of East Liverpool, Oh. was named after my father Jacob Goempel..which makes my father your great grandfather. Your grandfather was my half/brother even though we never met.My father was was born in 1900. Your grandfather had a falling out with my father and my father was remarried and had 9 children to my mother. I have the written history from my Aunt Mary who your grandfather did keep in touch with. You can find the origins of the Goempel family on the Ellis Island website but the spellings of the last name is not correct on the website. My father was named after his father Jacob George Goempel and married to Hilda VonMann. You may already have this information but if not I will fill in the blanks if you choose.

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