Pryor, OK Tornado, Apr 1942 - Main Street

Pryor, OK Tornado, Apr 1942 - Main Street

Aftermath of the Tornado that hit Pryor, OK on April 27, 1942

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Natural disaster can leave

Natural disaster can leave us devastated. Devastation, it's what you observe after a tornado travels through a city; that is exactly what Mississippi and Alabama saw this last weekend. They were struck having a total that could reach over 40 individual tornadoes, one was an EF4, (the second strongest tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale leaving behind it piles of trash where once were properties. Reports are saying 10 individuals have died as a result of these tornadoes; and over 100 homes are no longer livable. Natural disasters are some of the saddest to observe, they do so much damage in such a tiny amount of time.

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