Mother Minton

Mother Minton

Mother Minton taken between 1960-65 in or around Erick, Oklahoma. She was related to Cora Minton who lived and died in Erick, Oklahoma.

I have been trying to

I have been trying to research my fathers side of the family and came across this website while typing in the Minton name on Google. I saw The Minton family photos from Oklahoma and wondered if these photos could be of my ancestors. I do know that my grandfather died in Oklahoma City Oklahoma in 1957. I do not know if he had re-married after he and my grandmother Hilda Russell divorced in Indiana.
My grandfather was JOSEPH MINTON, b. September 22, 1909; d. June 1957, Oklahoma City, OK

My grandmother was Hilda Russell. They had 3 children: Joan, And Twins Joe & Jack (my father)

His Father and mother were:
EDWARD MINTON born February 11, 1874, and died August 1959
They were married May 12, 1895 in Orange County, Indiana.

Their Children are:
THOMAS MINTON, b. July 23, 1898.
ISOM FLOYD MINTON II, b. December 17, 1899;
ROSCOE MINTON, b. November 05, 1901; d. July 04, 1984,
OPAL MINTON, b. October 1904; d. California;
BENNIE HAROLD MINTON, b. December 13, 1906; d. Paoli, Indiana;
JOSEPH MINTON, b. September 22, 1909; d. June 1957, Oklahoma City, OK; (my grandfather)
LILLIAN MINTON, b. October 09, 1914; d. DeSoto, MO;

That is all I know of him since he died about 11-12 years before I was born. I see some resemblence to my father and aunt in the picture of Mother Minton. Anyone who has any information or any more photos I would love to hear from you to try and figure out if this is my family or not.

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