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Ardmore, Oklahoma High School 1935 Band

Ardmore, Oklahoma High School 1935 Band

Bottom row, left to right: Hanes Dawson - Drum Major, Billie Paul Burch, A. D. Vick, Leland Housley, Louise Lynch, Gene Scrugham, George Selvidge, Naomi Watson, Marjorie Hawley, Johnny Harrell, Betty Jane Galt, Billy Stromberg, Hershell Higgins, Ingram Henry Jr., Edwin L. Cox, Douglas Benton, Scotta Thompson, Elaine Lowenstein, Wilbur Hill, Ross Coe, A. W. Kincaid

Second row: Ira Vickers, Charles Goddard, Fillmore Vaughn, Halcomb Crawford, Janie George, Thelma Duncan, Sidney Harrell, Mayo Higgins, N. T. Hughes, Katherine Leech, Dorothy Thornton, Ruth Small, Jacqueline Lindley, Edwinna McLean, Ruth Dixon, Betty Thompson, Dora Woods, Grantham Jackson, Charles Yeakley

Third row: Herbert Wallace, Stanley Cowan, Carl Vineyard, Barbara Tucker, Natalie Northcutt, James Woods, Joe Herndon, Edwin Clemens, Bob Davis, Josh Tillinghast, Weedie Lowenstein, Virginia Horn, Frankie Blackburn, Molene Rawlins

Fourth row: Jerald McNees, Jack Hisey, Robert Echer, Roy Smith, Kenneth Shilling, Al Lowenstein, Curtis Harris, William Gwyn, Ed Halbach, Lowell Loughridge, Charles Haskell, Billy Johns, Richard Stanley, Jack Wiley, Alvin Herzmark

Fifth row: W. T. Williams, Charles Williams, Asbury Loughridge, Earl Brown, F. P. Duston, Louis Rockett, Harold Decker, Joe Harbour, Sol M. Lowenstein - director, Marshall Wineblood, Jack Underwood, Charles Suggs, Charles Blackburn, Elmer Stroman

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