Mercer, PA High School Class of 1927

Mercer, PA High School Class of 1927

Mercer High School Class of 1927 When They Were Juniors in 1926.

Amos, Hazel
Ayers, Mildred
Blatt, Richard
Broadbent, John
Burdette, Norris
Byers, Martha
Carlson, Irene
Comstock, Fleming
Davis, Norman
Dillon, Edward
Hoagland, Pearl
Hoovler, Earl
Howard, Paul
Huey, Norris
Jamison, Marguerite
Johnson, Rodger
Landis, Helen
Marsh, Clyde
McConnell, Grace
Nelson, Rhea
O'Mahoney, Regis
Painter, Howard
Palmer, Edith
Ralya, Mary Grace
Reed, Christina
Reed, Harriet
Redmond, Kenneth
Redmond, William
Richardson, Blair
Roberts, Floyd
Schodlatz, Raymond
Snyder, Elsie
Stowe, Betty
Sharlow, Marian
Smith, Elinor
Swickard, Clayton
Tait, Rachel
Vanatta, Mary
Watson, Esther
White, Yeager
Wilson, Helen
Woods, Anne

Photo from the 1926 Hi Times, Mercer High School Yearbook.

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