Arvadia Harclerode Burbank and Carl Evans

Arvadia Harclerode Burbank and Carl Evans

Arvadia Harclerode Burbank with her cousin, Carl Evans.

Arvadia Harclerode Burbank was born Feb 22, 1902 in Everett, Bedford County, PA. She was the daughter of Samuel Francis Harclerode (1865-1941) and Minnie Brown Harclerode (1872-1948).

She married Henry J. Hartman (1898-1934) in the 1920s. Henry was killed when a truck ran over him in 1934.

Arvadia later married William C. Burbank Sr. (1893-1972) in 1936. William served as Mayor of Warren, Trumbull County, OH from 1952-1959.

Arvadia had one child, June Harclerode Christy (1921-1992). Arvadia died Jan 9, 1979 in Warren, Trumbull County, OH.

Carl Evans was born May 1, 1897 in PA. He was the son of Oliver Evans (1870-1951) and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Harclerode Evans (1875-1946). He was married to Florence E. Steltz Evans. They had the following children: Gladys F. Evans Garrett and Shirley A. Evans.

Photo from a scrapbook made by Minnie Brown Harclerode. Scrapbook now in the possession of Robert Harclerode Jr.

Submitted by Jil Loewit, great granddaughter of Minnie Brown Harclerode

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