Caleb Greenland and Christina Curfman Greenland

Caleb Greenland and Christina Curfman Greenland

Caleb Greenland was born Dec 18, 1811. He was the eighth child of Nathan Greenland (1775-1854) and Sarah Corbin Greenland. He was married to Christina Curfman on Nov 1, 1835 in Trough Creek Valley, PA. Caleb died Sept 21, 1893.

Christina Curfman Greenland was born May 24, 1819. She was the third child of Philip Curfman and Margaret Schneer Curfman. Christina died Aug 25, 1893.

Children of Caleb and Christina:

Sarah Ann Greenland Harklerode (1836-1895)
Missouri Greenland Brown (1837-1899)
Rachel Greenland Harklerode (1839-?)
Eleanor Greenland Roher (1849-1907)
Margaret Jane Greenland (1842-1842)
William Harrison Greenland (1843-1910)
Luden Greenland (1845-1903)
Mary "Mollie" Greenland Locke (1847-1915)
Nathan N. Greenland (1849-1921)
Emeline "Emma" Greenland Smyers (1851-1917)
Barbara Elizabeth Greenland Carman (1853-1914)
Lovina Greenland Smyers (1855-?)
Martha Belle Greenland Shaffer (1857-1890)

Information on Caleb, Christina and their children from the book titled: A Brief Sketch of Caleb Greenland and His Wife, Christina Curfman with some of their Ancestors and part of their Descendants, by Frank Warren Roher (a son of Eleanor Greenland). Published for family members in 1924. Book given to those who attended a Greenland family reunion in 1924 in Bedford County, PA. Book in the possession of Daisy Brown Becker.

Photo from a scrapbook made by Minnie Brown Harclerode. Scrapbook now in the possession of Robert Harclerode Jr.

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