Brown Family 1923

Brown Family 1923

The Brown family were photographed while attending a family reunion in Bedford County, PA.

Front Row, left to right: Ruth Evelyn Brown Leeders (1910-1931), Ruby Vivian Brown Moon (1912-1984), Nathan Oliver Brown (1877-1953), Grace Ellen Mae Brown Sparks, sitting on Nathan's lap (1920- ), Sallie Bell Bottomfield Brown (1880-1929), Mildred "Mickey" Lillian Brown McCauley, sitting on Sallie's lap (1923- ) Daisy Irene Brown Becker (1914-2003), Ralph Robert Brown (1918-1965), and Franklin "Jack" Nelson James Brown (1915-1997).

Back Row, left to right: Earlston "Earl" Caleb Harrison Brown (1907-1960), Roy William Keefer Brown (1899-1928), Joseph Oliver Brown (1902-1972), and Nathan Edward Brown (1905-1937).

Photo from the collection of Robert Brown Jr.

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