Unknown Couple, Brookville, PA

Unknown Couple, Brookville, PA

Photo taken by H L Hastings Studio , Brookville, PA, 1890-91.

Photograph found in a Victorian photo album that belonged to the submitter's great-grandparents, Orin Burton and Nancy Margaret Humphreys Terwilliger of Millcreek Township, Clarion County, PA. This album contained pictures of siblings of each, parents, other relatives and friends.

Photo - Taken in Brookville PA


I also have a picture taken by N L Hastings, Photographer in Brookville, PA. I believe it a CARROLL ancestor. Probably Denis Carroll. How did you determine the approximate date?

Terry Carroll

Dating Old Photos


I have some books that tell you how to date cabinet cards based on the backing, mount color and other details. You can also date pictures based on clothing, hair styles and props used in the picture. You can find articles online too on dating old pictures.

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