Chester and Wilna Agnew McCaskey 1908-1924

Chester and Wilna Agnew McCaskey 1908-1924

Photo found at the Humphrey-Terwilliger farm in Fisher, PA.

Photo taken about 1908 - 1924. Wilna and my grandmother, Ethel Beers Terwilliger, were friends. Wilna's family were next-door neighbors of the Beers family in 1910 in Milcreek Twp, Clarion Co, PA.

Agnew Connection

My grandfather was John Harold Agnew, born 1898 in Pennsylvania. His father was Harold Leonard Agnew...I have a picture of what I believe was the general store/post office in Fisher, PA. Also pictures of Corp. John Agnew, Judge Leonard Agnew. I remember My grandfather speaking of meeting up with Chester McCaskey when they were both in their 60's. McCaskey was a minister I believe. Great Grandfather Leonard Agnew was in the lumber business. He moved his family to California. I have a picture post card of Portland Mills, PA. Also have what I believe is an Agnew Family Reunion in early 1900's.



Yes, Chester was a minister. He married several members of my family.I would be interested in seeing the picture of the store. The Terwilligers were in the Fisher area since 1835.

Lori Terwilliger

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