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James R. and Margaret McKee Family, c.1866

James R. and Margaret McKee Family, c.1866

James R. McKee is seated in the middle row between his mother and daughter. Margaret is seated to the left of them. Christiana is the first one on the left in the back row. The youngest boy seated in the first row between his two brothers is Arnold, age about 7 yrs. Two boys are not in the photo.

James R. McKee, born Jan. 27, 1810, died June 29, 1888, was the son of William McKee, born Sept.24, 1783-died May 2, 1847, and Margaret Hite, born Mar. 10, 1788, died Feb. 1860. James R. McKee married Margaret Waite, born Aug. 18, 1812, died June 1895, daughter of Jacob Waite, born Jan 26, 1782, died Oct 9, 1865, and Barbraan Lukeheart, born Oct. 22, 1782, died Oct. 12, 1827.

Margaret McKee, born Aug. 19, 1835 married, 1852, John Smith, born Aug. 23, 1828.

Jacob McKee, born Oct. 26, 1836, died June 4, 1855. Drowned in Big Clearfield Creek. Age 18 yrs. 8 m. 13 days.

Jeremiah McKee, born Jan 5, 1839 married, 1862, Nancy Cookson, born Dec. 11, 1842

Harriet McKee, born Nov 4 , 1840 married, 1860, Samuel K. Stephens

Hannah McKee, born Jan. 30, 1843 married , 1860, Amos J. Frampton, born June 11, 1837

Francis McKee, born Nov. 12, 1844, died June 30, 1846, aged 1 yr. 6m. 9d.

Christiana McKee, born Aug. 29, 1846, died early 1930's, married #1. ____ Harrison; #2. Albert G. Fish, born Jan. 1845-

Eliza McKee, born Sept. 15, 1848, died Feb. 17, 1854, age 5 yrs. 5m. 2d.

Wilson McKee, born Dec. 26, 1850, died 1937, married, Sept. 24, 1873, Mary Jane (Jennie) Collett, born Dec. 2, 1853, died 1941

Milliard McKee, born Jan. 5, 1853-

Amos McKee, born Aug. 1, 1855, died Aug. 3, 1855 at 2 days old.

Arnold McKee, born Aug. 27, 1859- , married Margaret Cyphert, born April 3,1861, daughter of Samuel Cyphert and Margaret Aaron.

James R. McKee settled on a grant of 100 acres. He was a postmaster in Strattanville, PA.

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