Mercer, PA High School Class of 1928

Mercer, PA High School Class of 1928

When They Were Juniors

Class Roster from 1927 - Junior Year
Allen, Evelyn
Allison, Mable
Asprey, Naida
Barnes, James
Bestwich, Ethel
Bowman, Lorene
Bowman, Orton
Brazel, Twila
Brenneman, Alice
Broadbent, Irene
Broadbent, Marian
Brunson, Clarance
Geiger, Arnold
Griffin, Earl
Huey, Mary Elizabeth
Hughes, Catherine
Jewell, Erma
Jones, Georgena
Lewis, David
McCalla, Clark
McCarl, Ellen
McMillan, Eunice
McWilliams, Anna
Miller, Donald
Miller, Gertrude
Miller, Harold
Miller, William
Moore, Margarette
Nordrum, Mabel
O'Mahony, Evangeline
O'Mahony, John
Pollock, Mary Belle
Reed, Marian
Ringer, Merle
Sharlow, Mabel
Smith, Ruth
Snyder, Kitty
Stowe, John
Weber, Alma
West, Sara
Whieldon, Billy
Wiand, Evelyn
Wylie, Ethel
Zahaniser, James
Zimmerman, Henry

Photo from the 1927 Hi Times, Mercer High School Yearbook.

Submitted by Norris Burdette

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