Mercer, PA High School Class of 1930

Mercer, PA High School Class of 1930

When They Were Freshman

Class Roster from 1927 - Freshman Year

Albert, Wm.
Amy, Laurette
Anderson, Orvllle
Anderson, Walter
Armstrong, Avis
Armstrong, Gaylord
Bancroft, Florence
Black, Harry
Black, Helen Louise
Brown, John
Brown, Virginia
Carter, Robert
Crawford, Coreita
Duncan, Mary Bell
Fetterhoff, Clara Belle
Hogue, James
Huey, Homer
Huey, Martha
Hughes, Helen
Inman, Mary
Jewell, Twila
Johnson, Dudley
Johnston, Emory
Kirby, Ruth
Kohler, Wm.
Lees, Kenneth
Mariacher, Mildred
Mariacher, Rosy
Masson, Paul
McCalla, John
McClellan, Gordon
McElheney, Doris
McKee, Anna Louise
McLaughry, Clara May
McWilliams, Anna
North, Harold
Patterson, Wade
Price, Betty
Richardson, Billy
Richardson, Julia
Rickard, Helen
Ringer, Guy
Robinson, Mary
Rogers, Harriet
Schmidt, Lois
Smith, Irene
Smith, Stanley
Stoughton, Vincent
Thompson, Helen
Truxall, Mae Belle
Weber, Mildred
Yarrian, Martha
Zigo, Alexander

Photo from the 1927 Hi Times, Mercer High School Yearbook.

Submitted by Norris Burdette

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