Beaver Falls, PA High School Archian Literary Club 1916

Beaver Falls, PA High School Archian Literary Club 1916

Archian Literary Club at Beaver Falls High School, Beaver Falls, PA, for the 1915-16 school year. The club was organized in March 1915 and was the second literary society at Beaver Falls High School. It differs from the Shakespeare Literary Club in that it is "not exclusive", meaning that both male and female students could join.

No mention of names, but these students were members of the club and probably are in the photograph: William Schutte, president; Victoria Daniel, secretary; Margaret Daugherty, Willis Underwood, Frank Buchholz, Sigsbie Sahli, Chester Nagle, Bertha V. Walsh, Dale Henry Hill, Robert Galbraith Forbes, Charles Malcolm Anderson.

Mr. Edwin R. Carson, school principal, Miss Adda Elliott and Miss Mary Wallace, both English teachers were honorary members of the club. They are in the photograph, directly behind the table in the center.

Photo from the 1916 Beaver Falls High School Tiger, June 1916

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