Corey Family Reunion 1920

Corey Family Reunion 1920

Thomas Adelbert and Clara Ida Rood Corey Family Reunion - taken in 1920, Pine Street, Linesville, Crawford County, PA.

Left to right, standing: Raymond Ona Shepard (son-in-law, and husband of Mabelle), Ross Adelbert Corey (son), Thomas Blake Corey (son), James Bryan Corey (son), Paul Eugene Corey (son), Mabelle Lennore Corey Shepard (daughter, and wife of Raymond Shepard).

Left to right, on porch: Reita Corey (daughter of Ross and Edith), Thomas Adelbert Corey (father), Clara Ida Rood Corey (mother, and wife of Thomas Adelbert), Edith Ryerson Corey (daughter-in-law, and wife of Ross), Mabel Corey (daughter-in-law, and wife of Donald Sr.) holding Jessie Corey (daughter of Don Sr. and Mabel).

Left, sitting in chair: Donald David Corey (son, and husband of Lylan)

Right, sitting in chair: Lylan Ida Corey Davis (daughter, and wife of Lee)

Right, standing: Lee Davis (son-in-law), Edwin Landon Jonathan Corey (son)

Grandchildren on steps

Top step: Rex Edwin Shepard (son of Ray and Mabelle), Lylan "Tiny" Corey (daughter of Don and Mabel), Leota Lylan Shepard (daughter of Ray and Mabelle), Clara Corey (daughter of Don and Mabel), Donald Corey Jr. (son of Don and Mabel), Donna Corey (daughter of Don and Mabel).

Middle step: Dorothy Ellinore Shepard (daughter of Ray and Mabelle), Earl Corey (son of Ross and Edith).

Bottom step: Elda Irene Shepard (daughter of Ray and Mabelle), George Corey (son of Don and Mabel), Mildred Corey (daughter of Ross and Edith), Charlotte Corey (daughter of Don and Mabel).

The only family member that was missing from the picture, who was living at the time, was Leonard Stone Corey. Leonard was a patient at Warren, Pennsylvania State Hospital.

For more information on each individual in the photograph, please contact Marilyn.

Submitted by Marilyn Kimmel Gregory, granddaughter of Paul Corey, great granddaughter of Mabelle Lennore Corey Shepard and great great granddaughter of Thomas Adelbert and Clara Ida Rood Corey

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Hi Marilyn,

I guess I'm your cousin! Earl Corey was my grandfather. His son Robert (Bob) is my dad. It's interesting to see all of my 1st male cousins have the same names as our ancestors! Paul, John, James and Ross.

My grandfather passed away in the early 1990s when I was young and my grandmother (Beatrice Lawon Corey) died about 9 years ago. She used to have a lot of old family photos but her house burned down a few years before she died and we lost all of them. She even had a powder horn I was told was used by a Thomas Corey during the Civil War.

Anyways, I was wondering if you had more photos of my ancestors. Earl, Ross, Edith, Thomas Adelbert, Clara...? Do you have any genealogy on our family also? I recently got a family tree of my mother's ancestry and I would like to have one for my dad's also.

James Corey

Donald David and Mabel Corey

This is a wonderful picture. It is the earliest picture of my mother, Jessie Dorothy Corey, who was the daughter of Donald David and Mabel. In the picture, Mabel is holding Jessie, who was born November 20, 1918. As you may know, Donald David Corey died an untimely death in 1922 from diabetes. After his death, the family was broken up and several of the children were sent to foster homes, including my mother, who was sent to Minnesota to live with John and Althea Mace. She spent the rest of her young life with the Maces, graduated from Okabena High School near Worthington, met and married my dad, Wayne Philip Brotzman in 1942. They moved to Rio Hondo, Texas in 1946, where my dad started a welding shop and blacksmith business. I'm the first of their six children. My dad died in a work accident on December 8, 1975. Mother never remarried, and died December 27, 2011 from a stroke. Hope this fills in a few gaps in the Corey family history.

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