Meadville, PA High School Orchestra 1926

Meadville, PA High School Orchestra 1926

Orchestra Members (no order given)

Paul Noonan
Lynn Rice
Helen Klinger
Paul Cares
George Hamilton
Harland Gould
Freda Yunker
Virginia Crosby
Helen Pond
Harriet Cotton
Albert Davis
Janet Davenport
Harold Cutter
Edward Schade
Lemoyne Dennington
Charles Herschelman
James Frisk
Howard Forbes
Mildred Corey
Robert Hotchkiss
Robert Brakeman
Frederick Haynes
Morris Mills
Clyde Pratt
Ralph Heasely
Alice Eccles
Frederick Macgruder
Ethel Voohies
Carl Smock

Miss Bond, director -- probably Miss Mary L. Bond, the geometry teacher

Photo from the 1926 Meadville High School Yearbook

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