Espyville, PA High School Students

Espyville, PA High School Students

Top Row, left to right: Ruth Blair, Marie Wolverton, Robert McGranahan, Reuben Iliff, Harry Blair, Francis Linn, Warren Nelson, Henry Steele, Frank Tuttle, Wendell Bower, Prof. McCandless

2nd row: Kathryn Shileto, Helen Chapman, Mary Kerchmer, Florence Bauer, Ruth Collins, Fern Tuttle, Margaret Blair, Dot Thurber, Kate Shelatz, unknown, Arden Ewing, Wayne Fredrick

3rd row, seated: Theresa Growley, Mary Mihoci, Esther Frederick, Liz Dupal, Edna Tuttle, Hazel Myers, Ann Lucas, Helen Myers, Kathryn Kurty, Genevive Ramsey, Ethel Livingston

Bottom row:
Maurice Seager, Dennis Steadman, Walter Johnston, Lew Kuban, John Shelaty, Ernie Jordan

Submitted by Margaret Blair Graham and Louise Graham Luke

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