Curtin School, McKees Rocks, PA 1921

Curtin School, McKees Rocks, PA 1921

Photo of my father & mother in grade school in McKees Rocks, PA in 1921 ... the name of the school was Curtin School and their teacher was Miss Hughes. I have included the back of the photo with all of the classmates names. My father, Michael Balandiat, is the boy second from the right in the front row and my mother, Antonette Machovic, is the little girl with the bow in her hair who is the third girl in from the left in the second row.

Names from the back of the photograph:

Row 1 (back row): Ethel Ruvas, Annie Kutcher, Irene Buchko, John M____, ____ Foote [?], _______, John Levic, Kuemer Gerbac, Mike Turqynsk

Row 2: Joe Fefitch, Laura Mae Stedwell, Anna Toma, Anna Vr____, Amelia Muron, Anna Swadlo, Florence Serbia, Hermiana S_____, Nellie Sochacki, Antonette Lipa, Julia Thomas

Row 3: Tillie Kainevich, Julia Uram, Antonette Machovic, Elizabeth Kuraski, Mary Zelanka, Katie Volovich, Anna Buchko, Mary Hrebrnak, Antonette Kanai, Helen Leja

Row 4 (front row): William Koleski, Joseph Mazurkowitz, Daniel Marjeowitz, John Koechnia, John Kitick, George Muncey (or Muncez), Mike Bolandiat, Peter Kozemka

Miss Hughes, Teacher

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