Hensels and Seneffs

Hensels and Seneffs

Back Row, left to right: 3. William Hensel, 4. unknown, 5. unknown baby, 6. Barbara McAllister Seneff, 7. Annie Dick Coffman, 8. Elizabeth Seneff Hensel, 9. Catherine Seneff Dick.

Front Row, left to right: 1. David Coffman, 2. Apolis Dick, unknown, 13. Mary Clark Seneff, 14. Mary Weaver Hensel, 10. Wesley Hensel, 11. unknown, 12. Kenneth Hensel.

correction and additional information

Back Row: NO.4 is Anna Pauline Walker Uber. NO.5 is Raymond Uber. No.7 is Agatha Ethel Dick Walker.

Photo taken in 1916 as Raymond born Nov 1915.

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