First Presbyterian Church, DuBois, PA

First Presbyterian Church, DuBois, PA

Photo from an early 1900s postcard.


To whom it may concern

Hopefully this message will get to the church historian of FBC in DuBoise,pa.I restored an antique desk some 30 years ago, while disassebbling it I found some old papers some of which are;

1. an offering envelope #226 from April 1909 to march 1910 from your church

2. a postcard of Long Avenue Du Boise,Pa.

3 a report card , dated 1909/1910 for Cyrus Hutton , doing quit well I might add with a B average .

These items would better be left to rest in your collection of historical documents ,if you have such a thing.

Jimmie Yarnell
Santa Rosa, ca.

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