Trunkeyville School, Forest County, PA 1925

Trunkeyville School, Forest County, PA 1925

Trunkeyville School, Forest County, about 1925.

Left to right:

Lucinda Proctor (daughter of William Proctor),

Lenard (probably a brother of Lucinda Proctor)

unknown girl (probably a sister of Lucinda Proctor)


teacher Josephine Engdahl,

P. Giles,

Shelby W. Dunham,

Jonas Lalich (son of Steve Lalich, spelling of last name from the census),

Geneva E. Dunham,

Harold Shaderline or Shaduline (son of Albert Shaderline or Shaduline, last name hard to read in the census.),


Identifications from the photograph and the census records for Trunkeyville.

Do you recognize anyone else? Please let me know.

Submitted by Ryan Beach, grandson of Geneva E. Dunham Hile

names of proctor

the boy proctor name was william l proctor jr the other gril was viola or edith

Unknown girl (probably a

Unknown girl (probably a sister of Lucinda) Is Edith Proctor.

Unknown girls is my mother...

unknown in front and sitting on the teacher's right side is Grace Louise Giles Lewis and on the left side is Phyllis Irene Giles Gill

I would be curious if you

I would be curious if you had any other pictures of this school house or surrounding Trunkeyville. My family now owns the schoolhouse!

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