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Bears Performing on Main Street in Reynoldsville, PA

Bears Performing on Main Street in Reynoldsville, PA

Bears performing on main street in Reynoldsville, Jefferson county, PA.

Several troupes of Mountebanks with trained bears visited this area each spring beginning sometime around 1890 and making their yearly tour until around 1900.

Most of the bear man were from Eastern Europe. The animals were brown bears of Europe called Ursus Arctos.

The bear men were twins and were tall and slim with long brown beards. The bears were full brother and sister. They traveled from Pittsburgh and proceeded as far east as Tyrone.

The building in the background is of the Hotel Belnap, under the proprietorship of John Cormick Dillman at that time. It is possible that he is the man on the balcony.

Photo from scrapbook of Charles William Dillman of Dubois, Clearfield County, PA.

Submitted by Jean Miller, great granddaughter of John Cormick Dillman

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