Ralston Family

Ralston Family

Photo taken at E. Borland's Studio in Parker, Armstrong Co., PA, about 1908.

Front Row, Mary Olive Ralston Kennedy, Sarah Ralston (born 12 Feb 1835 in Belfast, Ireland), Thomas Ralston (born 1853 in Glasglow, Scotland)

Back Row, Anna Ralston Widger (born in Sterling, Scotland), Sade Ralston Nelly (born 12 Apr 1865 in Glasglow, Scotland), William John Earl Ralston (born 20 Apr 1857 in Ireland), and Jane "Jennie" Ralston Overheim (born 27 Oct 1861 in Glasglow, Scotland).

Submitted by Shirley Barger, great great granddaughter of Sarah Ralston and great granddaughter of Anna Ralston Widger

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