Smith Family

Smith Family

Front Row, Left to right, James Ulery Smith (born 21 May 1889 in Washington, PA) and his wife, Florence Marie Widger (born 23 July 1888 in Parkers Landing, PA)

Middle Row, Left to right, Margaret Omesha Smith (born 8 Oct 1891) and her first husband, Frank Buchanan

Back Row, Left to right, Howard Leslie Smith (born Sept 1893), Martha "Anna" Chester Smith (mother of James Ulery Smith, Margaret Omesha Smith, Howard Leslie Smith and Walter Smith), and Walter Smith (born 12 Dec 1886)

Photo taken Parker, Armstrong Co., PA.

Submitted by Shirley Barger, great granddaughter of Martha "Anna" Chester Smith and granddaughter of James Ulery Smith and Florence Marie Widger

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