Nicholason Sharp's 90th Birthday Celebration 1908

Nicholason Sharp's 90th Birthday Celebration 1908

Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Nicholson Sharp, held at his home south of Chapmanville, 29 Jul 1908

Front row, left to right: unknown, unknown, Wilda Armstrong, unknown, Willa Marvin, unknown, Clifford Markley, unknown (in front), Bennie Bole ? (in back), unknown (in front), Mancie Armstrong (in back), unknown (in front), unknown (in back), Emma Morse, Charlie Sharp, Frank Battin, unknown, Donald or Walter Battin and Oren Smith.

Second row, left to right: Mary Ann Stoke, Amos Worden, Elizabeth Worden, Esther Sharp (holding Helen Sharp), William Sharp (holding Mabel Armstrong), Nicholason Sharp, unknown girl, Hannah Sharp, Eliza Morse, Martha Williams, El Williams, Rebecca Buckley and unknown

Third row, left to right: Mrs. Fred Swanson, John Stoke, Sarah Marvin, Grace Williams, Mae Sharp, Lizzie Armstrong (holding Edith Armstrong), Minnie Armstrong, Hazel Woods, Mrs. McCurr ?, Dora Worden (holding Evelyn Worden) May Morse, Eva McAlevy and Susie Cheney

Fourth row, left to right: Rev. Fred Swanson, Judd Sharp, Charlie August (in back), Grace Marvin (in front), Cassius McCurdy, Mrs. Eli Young (holding unknown), Sharp McCurdy (in back), William Armstrong (in front), Squire Joe Morse (in back), Grant Sharp (in front holding unknown), Simon Proper (in back), Ethel Carter Noel, Maria August (in front), Ruhar August (in back), unknown (partially hidden), Eliza McCurdy, Alice Proper, Anna Whitman, George Mc Alevy and an unknown man

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