Maple Run School Children, 1935-36

Maple Run School Children, 1935-36

Children at Maple Run School, Clearfield County, PA during the 1935-35 school year. Mrs. Mona Roat was the teacher.

The students, identified by Dan Howe:

Top Row: Joe Ballute, Jean Howe, Jack Barnett, Raymond Ballute, John Stewart.

Second Row from the top: Donna Forsyth, Anthony Rebon, "Junior" Bloom, Bob Stewart, Veronica Rebon.

Third Row from the top: Bobby Kline, Tom Forsyth, Howard Malmberg, Tom Rowley.

Fourth Row from the top: Georgia Kline, Ed Ballute, Dorothy Howe, George Rowley.

Fifth Row from the top: Dominick Rebon, Eleanor Galchik, Clair Barnett, Dick Howe.

Bottom Row: Marie Kline, Wilson Forsyth, Kathleen Bloom, John Rebon.

Submitted by Della A. Selner, great niece of Mrs. Mona Roat

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