St. Peter Catholic Grade School, Pittsburgh, PA 8th Grade 1961

St. Peter Catholic Grade School, Pittsburgh, PA 8th Grade 1961

Sister Mary Evelyn's 1961 8th grade class at St. Peter Catholic Grade School on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA.

The class is as follows:

Front row, left to right: Donna Curtain, Carol Gold, Suzanne Kelly, Kathy Stocks, Joanne Spagnola, Carol Wenzel, Stephanie Yakemovic, Michelle Cavanaugh, Josephine Mracna, Barbara Kielmann.

2nd row back: Cathy Burns, Catherine Hutch, Kathleen Toomey, Connie Pusateri, Renee Catone, Bob Leonard, Patty Connolly, Peggy Callio, Cheryl Bedore, Faith Wodzinski.

3rd row back: George Harding, Jim Jones, Guy Salvatore, Fred Aymar, Rich Kownacki, Larry Peters, Ronald Lust, Michael Dunn, Jimmy Silvio, Roberta Whalen.

Back row: Randy Franc, John Devlin, Frank Vincenzo, Tom Smith, Ken Weber, Paul Cooley, Mike Murphy, Matthew Irvin, Frank Coolong, Leonard Dunn.

Jimmy Silvio

Thank you for posting this! My uncle is Jimmy Silvio, I lost contact with him years ago when my mother, his sister, Judy Silvio passed away. I've never seen a photo from their childhood. Please contact me if you knew my mother as a child, or come across any more pictures that include my family.

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