Langham Family

Langham Family

Front Row: Smith Langham and Mary Ann Rummell Langham, Jonathan Nicholas Langham, Clara Cameron Langham, Jonathan Langham and Eliza Barr Langham

Middle Row: J. Alexander Langham, Margaret Elvira Smiley Langham, Abraham Lincoln Longwell, Emily Pardee Langham and John Nathaniel Langham

Back Row: John Todd Kinnan, Amelia Langham Kinnan, Anna Louisa Langham Longwell, Thomas Kerr, Elizabeth Jane Langham Kerr, William Henry Langham

Photograph taken between 1894 and 1899 at the home of Jonathan and Clara Langham which sits at 300 N. 9th Street, at the intersection with Chestnut Street in Indiana, Indiana County, PA.

Please contact me if you would like more information on this family.

Submitted by Ray Roberts, Photo Courtesy of Barbie Baker

The Langham Family Photo

Ray Roberts sent me an email ages ago - when first I began the awesome task of gathering information on my father's family. At the time I could find no connection whatsoever to my project - I was totally unlearned as to even my grandfather's full name and my grandmother's name and family were totally alien to me. Months later I discovered the true value of this it with the key to the names of its participants I began a marvelous trip into the mystery of my family heritage....all of these folks are now an integral part of my ever growing family tree. The judge is no less than my great-great uncle while S.S. Langham is my great-great grandfather. My grandfather was no less than Norman Barto Langham who was not in this photo but was stated to be the nephew of the Judge in the obituary provided to me by Jean Masco. Combining the two treasures given by Ray Roberts and Jean Masco, the forthcoming family tree began to form and take shape. I can never place a price on the measure of good this photo has produced for my family. On another note...Mr. Ray Roberts also furnished me, in response to my request for information on this family photograph..the most complete biographical profile into the whole Langham family... I must one day sit down and write him and let him know the value of his contribution.

The house behind

The house providing a backdrop was the home of the Judge, Jonathan Nicholas Langham and wife, Clara Cameron Langham. In November of 2009 during a visit to Indiana, Pennsylvania, it was found that the home had undergone restoration and on visiting it it was absolutely stunning to behold. It looks today just as it did in this photograph.

I agree the newly remodeled

I agree the newly remodeled house is beautiful.. I was able to go into the house and I have many beautiful pictures of it in its newly glory.. MY father is a decendent of Emily Pardee/John Langham..Any one who would like to see the new pictures please email me at and I will forward them to you.. Over a million dollars in repairs were made and I cant tell you how stunning it is. and the new owners are so sweet and nice to welcome us into their home.. Anyone who has any information on Emily Pardee and J Langham please email me as well.. Thanks!! Tina

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