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Sykesville Baseball Team

Sykesville Baseball Team

The only people I can identify in this photo are Firl Lee Clair Tozier (last row second from left) and Unknown Wolfgang (last row, far right). If I were to take a guess at when this photo was taken, I'd say between 1910 and 1920. Mind you, that's just a guess! Any help in identifying the persons in this photo would be most appreciated!

The man with the derby,

The man with the derby, third from the right in the back is Otto Nupp, owner and publisher of the Sykesville Post Dispatch. He was my great grandfather on my mother's side. The man In the middle row on the right is Lloyd (Gibby) Kriner, my grandfather on my father's side. Lloyd was in WW1 and my guess is that this photo was taken pre WW1.

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