Columbia School 5th Grade, Greenville, PA 1923

Columbia School 5th Grade, Greenville, PA 1923

First Row

Arden Mowery, George Adams, Ambrose Hunter, James Bailey, Charles Snyder, Donald Barr, LeRoy Smith, Gerald Kitch, Vaughn Lowe, Max Rishell?

Second Row – all boys sitting

Edward McClintock, Glen Packard, Saul Bailey, Mac Wells, Kenneth Paxton, Frank Frampton, John Sheakley, Arden Gamble, Paul Hodge

Third Row - kneeling

Sis George, Norma Miller, Gladys McBride, Marie Meakin, Arlene Frampton, Louise Hurst, Alta Bowser, unknown, Helen Costanias, Thelma Fritz, unknown, _____ Uber, Evelyn McCartney

Fourth Row – all standing

Dorothy Gray, Helen Thorne, Jane Holland, Helen Soult, Lydie Ann Beil, Jane Beil, Edward Sweigart, Abe Snyder, Grace DeVore, Victoria Campbell, Bernice Heckman, Katherine Ferguson, Ester Eakin, Clarence Hazen, Parks Kremis

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