State Teachers College, California, PA 1931 Football Team

State Teachers College, California, PA 1931 Football Team

Back Row: Ralph Core Davis, Ralph Manon, Coach Steers, Thomas, Simpson, Stark, Thomas Bridge, Edmunds, Howard Drum, Leslie Edwards

Fifth Row: Thomas Edmund Campbell -asst football manager, Richards, Smith, Titus, Boone, Schraeder, Ernest Coyle

Fourth Row: Zaharawicz, Trimpey, Shaul, G. Groff, Abel, Bennett, Joseph Keifer, Shaulis, William Peters

Third Row: Gallo, Chester Salsi, Lester Samuel Kleckner, Kenneth William Miller, Brain, Towner, Braunger, F. Hill

Second Row: Cairns, Samuel Vernallis, Samuel Moreno, Henry Neill, Reed, Elgie Underwood, Charles Vernon Patterson, David Watkins, James Underwood, Walter Hornbake

Front Row: George William Zoretic, Mugnani, Edmund Price, William Buell, Alfred Hazelbaker, Beechley, Venturi, Charles Shirley, Joseph Martin Wolfe

Photo from the 1932 Monocal Yearbook of State Teachers College at California, PA

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