Cumberland Valley State Normal School, Shippensburg, PA 1926 Football Team

Cumberland Valley State Normal School, Shippensburg, PA 1926 Football Team

Back Row: W. Eisenberg, P. Weirich (assistant managers)

3rd Row: Coach Potraz, D. Edwards, J. King, M. Gobrecht, R. Berkstresser, P. Shuler, L. Michael - manager

2nd Row: E. Morrell, M. Gotwalt, R. Cable, R. Krieger, E. Byers, G. Forney, R. Mentzer

Front Row: K. Mateer, V. Fenstermacher, H. Gottshall, K. Basehore, C. Larimer, E. White, W. Yohe

Very Front: J. Morrison - mascot

Photo from the 1927 Cumberland Yearbook of Cumberland Valley State Normal School

1927 Cumberland Valley State Normal football team

Thanks for the picture - R. Krieger is my father, Richard D. KREIGER. We have a picture of him in his high school football uniform, which his namesake Richard D. Kreiger III now has. He played for Shippensburg for one year, then received a scholarship to play at Bucknell University. He did not graduate from Bucknell, I believe the depression intervened in his education (that and the fact that my grandfather told me that my father was more interested in the girls than football!

FB Picture

My grandfather is Kenneth H Mateer (front row, first person). He went on to coach football at Coatesville HS and Malvern Prep.

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