Kinderman School - 1930

Kinderman School - 1930

Front row (left to right, seated): Edgar Faudie, Lloyd Keller, Ed Bankoski, Blair Marshall, James Bonsall, Earl Schindley, Fred Bankoski

Second row: Wallace Bonsall, Ed Hummel, Theodore Keller, Annabell Gearheart, Pauline Bankoski, Viola Koppenhaver, Helen Bankoski, Homer Faudie

Third row: James Marshall, John Kinderman, Oleta Marshall, Vergie Muth, Mildred Faudie, Nellie Schindley, Stella Bankoski, Blanche Keller, Eunice Aurand (teacher)

Back row: William Schindley, Carl Marshall, Clyde Keller, Zelma Schindley, Edith Salada, Edna Keller

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