Yeager Reunion @ Yeager Homestead June 10, 1898

Yeager Reunion @ Yeager Homestead June 10, 1898

L to R
Seated on ground: Edson Vernon, Marie Vernon, Rodney Yeager, Fred Vernon, William Yeager, Sylva A. Yeager, Tressa C. Yeager

Seated on chairs: Peter Yeager, Mary Smith Yeager

1st row standing: Richard L. Yeager, Floy Minnis, Floyd Wentz, Victoria Vernon being held by John Vernon, Mary Unger, Cora Wentz, LaVance Unger, Loret Unger, Harley Wentz

2nd row standing: Paul Wentz, Glen Minnis, Alvie Minnis, Mary Magdaline Yeager Minnis, Anna Celestia Yeager Vernon, Leslie Wentz, Louisa Yeager Wentz, Peter Jacob Yeager, Rose Yeager(Quinn), Albert M. Yeager, Clara Oshall Yeager

3rd row standing middle to right: Ezra Unger, Elizabeth Hadley Yeager, Matilda Yeager Unger, Frank Yeager, Lewis S. Yeager, Bert Wentz, Jennie Deane Yeager, Ernest Yeager

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