Unknown Clown with Mule

Unknown Clown with Mule

This photograph shows a clown performing with a mule. The clown may be the submitter's great grand Uncle James Leo Duffy (called himself, "Bert Leo") or some other clown from the following circuses: Al Barnes' Circus, John Robinson's
Circus, Sells-Floto Circus. The clown may be a friend of James Leo Duffy.

Photograph from the collection of Eileen McCummins Stickle, great-grand niece of James Leo Duffy

pictures of unknown clown with mule

I would like to buy this picture if I can use it in my new book. Please advise cost.


i do not know whether i am willing to sell at this stage. and i may never know.

Clown with Mule

Who wrote the above message about not selling this photo? This message was not from Jil Loewit who submitted the photo! I am Jil Loewit and I never wrote it!

clown/donkey photo??

we LOVE the Clown/Donkey photo and would like to talk about possible usage and if you have a higher resolution copy. If this email is Jil Loewit please reply and hopefully we could work something out :) Many Thanks-Rick

bert leo and the donkey

we would love to discuss usage of the amazing photo of bert leo and the donkey. please respond if this is possible..
many thanks-rick redington

Clown with Donkey

I am researching an oil painting I own of a clown & mule painted in 1923
signed Robt. Lindneux. If I can Identify the subject, it may help in validing the artist. I don't see have to add a picture of the painting to this post. Could someone in the family identify Bert Leo in his clown makeup?

Tis a very beautiful photo

Tis a very beautiful photo and title of photo.

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