Lancaster, PA High School Football Team 1968

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Lancaster, PA High School Football Team 1968

First Row left to right: Sam Minder 76, Mike Fetter 34, Richard Dixon 44, Dave Schmucker 86, Robert Herr 73, Mark Hite 14, Mel Smith 24, Nelson Polite 48, Pat Marion 85, Ron Fleming 36, Doug Dussinger 64, Robert Jones 68, Pat St. Clair 82, Dale Parmer 72.

Second Row: Larry Kindbom 80, George Francos 66, Jim Mentzer 42, Joe Herman 65, Charles Patterson 84, Joe Wysock 32, Scott Wise 52, Richard Keller 58, Bill McKinney 26, Ray Smith 28, Tom Moore 22, Mike Wagner 12, Dwight Ford 30.

Third Row: Coach King, Coach Miller, Coach Kraft, John Metzger 62, Howard Stewart 18, Alexander Godwin 88, Doug Dennison 89, Eugene Jackson 56, Larry Spece 54, Equipment Mgr. Myers, Groundskeeper, Managers Mike Ochs and Barry Ryan.

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