Hartstown, PA School Grades 1-4, Sept 1944

Hartstown, PA School Grades 1-4,  Sept 1944

Hartstown, Crawford County, PA School, Sept 6, 1944, Grades 1-2-3-4.

Back row: Pat Baker, John Patterson, Dick Hood, Frank Thompson, Lee Lesh, Mrs. Hazlett?

Middle row: Leslie ?, Harry Kiskadden, Stewart Weir, Gary New, Howard Williams, Harry Magargee, Bill Weir, Joanne Simmons.

Front row: Darla Hood, Sandra Magargee, Barbara Williams, Doris Magargee, Geraldine Patton, Jeanne Matteson, Janet Matteson

Thanks to Jeanne Matteson and Janet Matteson for their help in identifying the students.

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