Gaston Family

Gaston Family

Gaston family of Crawford County, Pa, taken at the Lily Dale Association campsite at Casadaga Lake, in Chautauqua, Co. NY.

Athelston Gaston, standing on porch 6th from left, just to the left of his wife, Thankful C. Hammond Gaston who is seated, with baby.

The bearded gentleman just to the right of the porch post is believed to be Edmund Waite Gaston.

The bearded gentleman standing on ground, 4th from left with watchchain and dark suit is Arthur B. Gaston; his wife, Hannah Jane McMaster is seated just to his left.

The younger man, seated in front of Arthur is believed to be Archie Edmund Gaston, son of William Grover Gaston, brother of Athelston and Arthur.

The identities of the others in the photo are unknown.

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