Schuylkill Haven, PA High School Class of 1924

Schuylkill Haven, PA High School Class of 1924

Photographed when they were juniors in 1923.

In the class (and probably in the photograph):
Daisy Maurer, Russel Hutchinson, Roy Guertler, Harry Sigmund, Charlotte Berger, June Borda, Irving Clarke, George Daubert, Beulah Dewald, Anna Drumheller, Blanche Faust, Stuart Filbert, Ida Fisher, Frank Fisher, Ray Fullerton, Bayonne Gleockler, Earl Goas, Ralph Heffner, Alva Heim, Edna Hummel, Mabel Kramer, Edward Fessler, Albert Lengle, Marian Mayberry, Nelson Mayberry, Joseph Matonis, Esther Nengle, Frances Michel, Iva Moyer, George Moyer, John Noecker, Stephen Raudenbush, Edward Roeder, Erma Schaller, Floyd Schwenk, Frances Silliman, Charles Snyder, Helen Stanton, Alice Zimmerman, Helen Zimmerman

Photo from the 1923 The Blue and Gold Yearbook of Schuylkill Haven High School

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