Cunningham and Hoffman Men 1932

Cunningham and Hoffman Men 1932

Photo taken at the same time as the photo of the Cunningham and Hoffman Women in 1932. It appears to be in the summer in Franklin, PA and the relatives were gathered for a social meal together.

Standing, left to right -

Howard James Hoffman (1859-1934)
Herbert Hoffman (1908-1971)
Howard Lewis Cunningham (1905-1981)
Charles Basil Hoffman (1884-1978)

Kneeling, left to right -

Donald A. Hoffman (1910-1983)
Harold Frank Cunningham (1908-1995)
Dr. Paul Eli Cunningham (1886-1950)

Submitted by William Cunningham, son of Howard Cunningham and grandson of Dr. Paul Cunningham

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