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Friggle - Cunningham Wedding Party 1926

Friggle - Cunningham Wedding Party 1926

Friggle-Cunningham Wedding Party 6 Sept 1926

The photo was taken on the front lawn of the Friggle home on the Bredinsburg Road.

Back Row:
Paul Eli Cunningham b. 2 May 1886 d. 9 Feb1950
Mary White (Minister's Wife)
Harold Frank Cunningham b. 15 May 1908 d. 16 Sept 1995

Third Row:
William John Friggle b. 3 Feb 1876 d. 31 Dec 1941
Stella May Cunningham b. 6 Sept 1882 d. 16 Nov 1946
Ruth Elizabeth Friggle b. 10 Sept 1909
Genevieve Friggle b. 3 Feb 1903 d. 31 Mar 1994
Howard Lewis Cunningham (Groom) b. 6 May 1905 d. 1 Jan 1981
Rev. Noris A. White

Second Row:
Martha Maud Friggle b. 2 Apr 1874 d. 22 Sept 1932
Mary Elizabeth Cunningham b. 4 Mar 1849 d. late 1926
Annie Lemin Friggle b. Unk d. 16 Feb 1931
Anna Lucille Friggle (Bride) b. 17 Jul 1906 d. 4 Jan 1985

First Row:
Lois Elizabeth Cunningham b. 10 Jun 1916

The bride and groom are my Parents.

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