School Photo, 1929 Westmoreland Co., PA

School Photo, 1929 Westmoreland Co., PA

Woodrow Ramsey's class photo taken Oct 1929. The name of the school is not known, but Woodrow Ramsey grew up in Tarr, East Huntington twp. Westmoreland Co. PA.

Names, transcribed from the back of the photograph.

Top Row: Arthur Cunnard, Jim Ramsey, Charles Pajik (Pagik), Leo Mentzer, Elick Morvoush, George Minter, W. Ramsey, Joe Belzer.

Second Row: Dave Cunnard, Christine Castline, Howard Millward, Mitzy Belzer, Mary Wasyjeck, Joe Greenhouse, Bertha Greenhouse, Celia Zaporosky, Margaret Reword?

Third Row: Susan Graham, Fern Millward, Steve Medeven, Lawrence Toles, Josphene Castline, Mary Zaporaky, Tony Cantanto, Tom Sutty, Grace Stoner.

Bottom Row, Frankie Greenhouse, Abe Cunnard, Mary Mellon, Buddie Mann, Clyde Bair, Alice Cunnard, Margaret Finfrock (Trinfrock).

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