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Who are we?

Who are we?

Taken from the personal photos of Charles & Honorah Wolkins, Stanley & Almeada Misner-Wolkins of Berrien Co., Michigan. Many photos may also be from St. Joseph Co., Indiana. If you know who I am contact to receive the original with proper identification of ancestrial lineage. Not for sale or commercial gain.

Dating by Clothing

This is from about 1897-99. "American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs" by Priscilla Harris Dalrymple is a great book for learning about dating clothing in photos. This is one of the main books from which I learned what I know. Another good book you can check out for clothing of this era is "Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive" by Carol Belanger Grafton, which goes to 1903. It has lots of good examples from the turn of the century.

Hope this helps you narrow down the possibilities of who this could be.


I forgot to add: their hats

I forgot to add: their hats are pretty fabulous, aren't they?


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